Dafabet Casino License

Dafabet is a fully licensed and approved online casino.

Excluded areas

The license issued by the Curacao Gambling Commission allows the company, which issued it, to organize gambling in dozens of countries, except for prohibited territories. The list of restricted countries includes the USA, France, the Netherlands, Curacao, and Australia. If you find violations of this rule, the user can complain to the regulator. But before that, it is necessary to make sure that the operator does not operate in these countries under related license.

Dafabet have excluded areas in using.

Waiver of brand ownership

The Curaçao Gambling Regulatory Commission is not in charge of supplying the services offered by this company. We do not own the trademarks, software, or intellectual property of this brand, and we are not involved in the management of the gaming company and are not responsible for the actions of its management.

A licensed company is required to independently monitor compliance with the applicable laws of the countries in which it operates.

Dafabet contains multiple brands.

E-game printing verification system

This printing system is a service that confirms the company’s possession of a valid Curacao license. All materials in this system, including text, graphics, and information, are the property of the Curacao Gaming Commission and are subject to copyright law. The use of these materials without the prior consent of the owner is prohibited.

It is also forbidden to change the information on this page in any way or to falsify it in order to mislead users. There are sanctions for these violations, starting with fines and ending with the revocation of the license.

Dafabet follow's all of the copyrights.


The trademarks and trade names displayed on this page are registered and unregistered intellectual property. The only exceptions are the domain name and marketing campaign of the licensed organization.

Dafabet have registred trademarks in use.