Dafabet Casino Customer Service

Dafabet Casino pays a lot of attention to player support. Every user who encounters problems can ask for help from our support team by email, phone, or via chat on the website. Our experts will help solve the problem and provide detailed advice on any issue related to playing at Dafabet Casino. You’ll find the relevant contacts for this below.

You can contact the Dafabet support team any time you have a question.


Email support is a universal way to solve problems. You can write to our specialists regardless of the severity of the problem. This way of contacting our support team will have time to understand your issue and find the best solution for it.

Processing time depends on the workload of specialists and is on average 6-12 hours. However, you can affect the speed of getting an answer. To do this, describe the problem in maximum detail, attach screenshots, describe the details.

It is recommended to send the letter from the email address that was assigned to the account when it was registered. In the subject of the email, briefly describe the nature of the problem so that our specialist can immediately refer the issue to the appropriate department.

Use only the official contact for communication. Dafabet Casino India has one customer support address – ensupport@dafabet.com

Be polite and correct when explaining your problen to the support team.

On-site chat

For the quicker resolution of problems, you can ask for help in the 24-hour chat room on the website. This method of communication is suitable for questions that cannot wait. Open the chat, write a message in the input field and send it. As soon as an operator is available, he or she will join the conversation and give you a detailed consultation.

You can use on-site chat for urgent questions.


You can also call the hotline if you want to notify support as soon as possible about an error or problem. Dafabet Casino has a single support phone number in India – 00080-0100-7166.

When you call this number from other countries, you will be charged for the call. The amount will depend on your cell phone service provider’s rates.

You can use this number to call the support team from India.