Dafabet Casino Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been created to inform users and how Dafabet Casino India collects, stores and uses personal data. By registering an account on the site’s official website or mobile app, you automatically consent to the processing of personal data and acknowledge your agreement to all the points in this privacy policy. Please read this document carefully before creating an account.

The central object of the privacy policy is the user’s personal data. This is any information about him that can characterize him as a unique person. For example, the main personal data of a player are his first and last name, login, date of birth, place of residence, e-mail address and phone number. These data you provide already at the stage of registration, and further information is collected in the future.

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The first time we collect personally identifiable information begins when you visit the official website. The device from which you browse the pages sends us cookies, which contain information about the model of smartphone or personal computer, operating system, IP address, Internet provider, etc. Further data is collected during any interaction of the player with our services: official website, mobile application, cash register.

The main purpose of collecting personal data is to improve the quality of our services. We do our best to provide you with a more comfortable playing experience, more favorable bonus offers, and a really high level of security. There are three key objectives for collecting, storing and processing user information in total:

  • Improving services. The data obtained allows us to develop more interesting personalized offers and bonuses for players, introduce new marketing tools and create effective advertising campaigns;
  • Increased security. Since each user confirms their uniqueness, the risk of fraud is minimized. Any attempts to defraud Dafabet Casino and its players are stopped. We are also able to quickly resolve disputes in favor of bona fide players;
  • Compliance with Laws. Each country in which we operate has its own laws regarding gambling. Collecting personal data is one of the main requirements of the laws. We must not only collect it, but also store it and use it to combat money laundering, fraud and other types of violations.

Users’ personal information may not be disclosed or shared with third parties without good cause. A request by law enforcement authorities when a person is suspected of money laundering or other types of fraud may be grounds for sharing this information. We may also use some information about you when you receive large winnings. This information will be included in promotional and news materials.

If you decide to stop sending us personal information, you can write a waiver and send it to customer support. You can also get a form to fill it out here.